Webinar: Advanced Fertility Management in Apple Production

Explore the impacts of right nutrient source, application timing, application rate, and application method.

February 1, 2023
2 mins
Dr. Jason Haegele
North American Agronomy Lead, ICL
Tye Wittenbach
Apple Research Manager and Grower, LTI Ag Research

What new developments in apple fertility management ensure desired yield and quality outcomes? Join Tye Wittenbach, Apple Research Manager and Grower, LTI Ag Research, alongside ICL agronomist Jason Haegele, Ph.D., as they explore the impacts of the right nutrient source, application timing, application rate, and application method.

Optimizing fertility management begins with orchard establishment to maximize tree growth and development and to build the foundation for success in subsequent fruiting years. As irrigation and fertigation approaches become more common, even in higher rainfall apple-growing regions of North America, irrigation water quality is an important factor. It can influence the operation of dripper lines or micro-sprinklers and affect the compatibility and plant availability of nutrients like phosphorus and calcium.  To maintain adequate tissue levels of calcium in the plant and develop fruit, foliar applications or soil-applied forms of calcium are still recommended best practices. Although ‘bitter-pit,’ for example, a calcium-related disorder common in Honeycrisp, has a strong genetic basis, Ca is still critical for maximizing storage quality and minimizing fruit defects.

Tye and Jason will explore research on Polysulphate as an emerging innovative nutrient solution with prolonged release of Ca, S, and Mg, plus a low chloride source of K. They will also discuss intensive spray schedules for insect and disease management and other opportunities for foliar applications of both macro- and micronutrients to optimize tissue levels of essential nutrients during fruit development, including highly soluble sources of foliar potassium as one strategy to improve fruit quality and storage. This webinar will dig into apple growers’ fertility management issues and review key learnings from ICL’s North American apple trials.

This webinar was managed by American Fruit Grower magazine and hosted by ICL Growing Solutions.