Webinar: Increasing Nutrient Efficiency in Potatoes

Explore phosphorus management for potatoes, including managing soil and fertilizer pH as a tool for increased P availability.

March 1, 2023
2 mins
Dr. Jason Haegele
North American Agronomy Lead, ICL
Dr. A.J. Foster
Agronomy Technical Services Manager, ICL

How can you make the most of phosphorus soil fertility and fertilizer applications? Potatoes often respond to fertilizer P at soil test levels that would be considered very high for most other crops. Even with high starting soil test P, potatoes often require additional P fertility to optimize yield and quality. High levels of P in soil are often unavailable to plants, especially with elevated soil pH, and inefficient use of P fertilizer application is an environmental concern. When acidifying water-soluble fertilizers, like Nova Pekacid and Agrolution pHLow are used as a source of P in nutrient management programs, the acidifying effect can optimize the availability of applied nutrition, and unlock soil nutrient reserves, resulting in increased nutrient efficiency for higher quality, improved yield, and cost-effective results.

Join agronomists Dr. AJ Foster and Dr. Jason Haegele as they explore phosphorus management for potatoes, including digging into the latest research on managing soil and fertilizer pH as a tool for making the most of phosphorus.


This webinar was moderated by Spudman managing editor Zeke Jennings and hosted by ICL.