Benefits of the Osmocote + water-soluble fertilizer system

As rainfall becomes more and more unpredictable, growers are often faced with heavy rain showers for longer periods of time

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Heavy rainfall can make it difficult to add water-soluble fertilizer alone to growing media. What if you could rely on the assurance that your plants will always be able to get nutrients from the substrate?

Osmocote at base rate—steer your crop growth and ease your mind

Applying Osmocote at a base rate in growing media ensures your plants get the nutrients they need even in times of heavy rainfall. And you will still have the flexibility to steer your crop growth during the season, by topping off with the water-soluble fertilizer of your choice.

Some of the benefits of an Osmocote base rate for container nursery stock cultivated outdoors include:

  • Solid base nutrition ensures plants always have sufficient feed, even in excessive rainfall
  • Steer your crop growth by adding WSF at any point during the season
  • Add WSF based on plant need: less in the early crop stages, more in the later stages
  • Improve irrigation water quality by adding acids or acidifying fertilizers such as Universol Hard Water of Peters Excel Acidifier
  • Happy customers thanks to longer shelf-life during consumer phase

Do you grow pot plants in greenhouses or other covered areas? Osmocote at a base rate can be a solution for you, too:

  • Major cost-savings on water-soluble fertilizers: you’ll need to apply significantly less
  • Reduced disease pressure: the fertilizer is already in the substrate, so watering is only required when the plants need it
  • More environmentally friendly: lower fertilizer emissions
  • Optimum flexibility: choose the WSF that best suits your plants’ needs at any stage to steer their growth
  • Happy customers thanks to longer shelf-life during consumer phase