Greenmaster Pro-Lite Cold Start – Trial #3

To determine the effect of spring fertiliser to optimise the quality of golf putting surfaces in the spring.

July 14, 2016
2 mins
Henry Bechelet
ICL Turf & Landscape, Technical Manager

Objective: To determine the level of recovery through early season top dressing using various different spring fertilisers

Duration: April 2016 – June 2016

Location: Harrogate, West Yorkshire

Field site: The turf was an established annual meadow-grass dominated sward growing on a sand based root zone.


  • The treatments were applied in March before a cold spell of spring weather.
  • Strong responses were noted despite the cold early spring weather.
  • Clear differences were noted in the response to treatments even though N levels were the same.
  • The Greenmaster Pro-Lite Cold Start provoked and sustained a strong colour and quality response through the month after the early March treatment.
  • The Greenmaster Pro-Lite Turf Tonic produced stronger results as time passed.
  • The potassium nitrate produced a slight NDVI blip early on but did not product any marked result otherwise.
  • The untreated turf deteriorated rapidly without any fertiliser treatment.