Webinar: Nutrient Management for Stone Fruit & Almonds

Learn about the important role of balanced nutrients on pome and drupe fruit quality and yield.

November 1, 2022
2 mins
Christi Falen
ICL Agronomy Technical Services Manager
Seth Hansen
Owner, Reliant Crop Services

Who doesn’t want to grow more, higher-quality crops? But from challenges with labor, inputs, and profit margins, to pests, disease, and environmental changes, growers are facing increasing pressure to adapt practices to meet the changing landscape of agriculture today.

Join ICL agronomist, Christi Falen, and independent consultant and researcher Seth Hansen, Reliant Crop Services, as they explore key challenges and results-driven nutrient management solutions for stone fruit and almond orchards.

This webinar will take a deep dive into the latest best practices for a complete fertility management program, plus review ICL’s North American trials for cherries, and almonds.

This webinar was managed by American Fruit Grower magazine and hosted by ICL Growing Solutions.