Webinar: Impact of Balanced Nutrition on Pome and Drupe Fruit Yield

Learn about the important role of balanced nutrients on pome and drupe fruit quality and yield.

November 1, 2022
2 mins
Christi Falen
ICL Agronomy Technical Services Manager
Ashley A. Thompson
Fruit Tree Extension Educator, Wasco and Hood River Counties, Oregon State University

Grower economic returns are impacted by the color, size, taste, and storability of fruit and new developments in nutrient management can lead to high-yielding results. Join Ashley A. Thompson, Fruit Tree Extension Educator, Wasco and Hood River Counties, Oregon State University, alongside ICL agronomist Christi Falen, as they explore the impact of balanced nutrition on quality and yield.

Research shows that secondary and micronutrients play a central role in optimizing production, but nutrient solubility, release rates, and meeting peak plant demand is essential for optimizing return on investment to the grower.

We explore Polysulphate as a source of prolonged-release S, Ca, Mg, and low-chloride  K, plus take a look at research around highly soluble micronutrients and acidifying nutritional products that can also effectively align with tree fruit uptake demands while reducing buildup in drip irrigation lines.

This webinar will dig into the nutritional issues pome and drupe fruit growers face and review ICL’s North American trials for apples, cherries, and pears as a component of a complete fruit fertility program.

This webinar was managed by American Fruit Grower magazine and hosted by ICL Growing Solutions.