Webinar: Make Every Seed Count – Optimizing Crop Nutrition for Success

Explore cutting-edge strategies for enhancing crop nutrition and seed potential through innovative solutions and evidence-based practices. Delve into topics ranging from starter fertilizers and biostimulants, to precision nutrition and specialized granulated fertilizers, uncovering how these innovations are transforming the field.

March 11, 2024
60 mins
Dr. Jason Haegele
ICL, North American Agronomy Lead
Christi Falen
ICL, Agronomy Technical Services Manager

Make Every Seed Count – Optimizing Crop Nutrition for Success

Uncover strategies for optimizing crop nutrition and seed potential as we explore innovative solutions and research-backed practices that redefine nutrient management. From starter fertilizers and biostimulants to precision nutrition and unique granulated fertilizers, discover how innovation is reshaping the landscape of nutrient management. The webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of the trials, and trends surrounding PKpluS, polyhalite (Polysulphate), Agrolution pHLow, and new biostimulant BIOZ Diamond, offering valuable insights into the optimization of early-season nutritional inputs.

  • Gain insights into effective, research-backed strategies for optimizing both crop nutrition and seed potential
  • Explore how innovations in starter fertilizers, biostimulants and granulated fertilizers are changing nutrient management
  • Delve into the latest research on new nutrient innovations

Join Dr. Jason Haegele, ICL’s lead agronomist in North America, as he explores new strategies for improving early-season crop nutrition, seed potential, and season-long nutrient availability. This webinar is moderated by Top Crop Manager and hosted by ICL Growing Solutions.

About Our Speakers

Dr. Jason Haegele, ICL Growing Solutions, North American Agronomy Lead

Jason Haegele leads ICL’s research collaborations with universities and third-party research contractors in North America to demonstrate the efficacy of ICL products on a broad range of row crops and specialty crops. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois (Ph.D. in Crop Science) and Iowa State University (M.S., Crop Production and Physiology), is a Certified Crop Advisor, and has a broad range of experience in applied research and field sales support for plant nutrition, adjuvant, crop protection, and biological products.

Christi Falen, ICL Growing Solutions, Agronomy Technical Services Manager

Christi Falen brings over 25 years of experience including roles in university extension, plant nutrition, and crop protection. Christi earned a BS in Natural Resource Management from the University of Alaska and an MS in Soil Science from the University of Idaho.