Webinar: Multi-nutrient, seed-safe sulfur solution Polysulphate (polyhalite)

Join Dr. Jason Haegele and Taurus Marketing Agriculture's, Craig Davidson, in an on-demand webinar as they delve into seed-safe, multi-nutrient sulfur solution: Polysulphate (polyhalite) and explore a seed-safety study showcasing its impact on stand count and yield.

January 24, 2023
60 mins
Dr. Jason Haegel
North American Agronomy Lead, ICL
Craig Davidson
President, Taurus Agricultural Marketing Inc

Keeping it simple: Multi-nutrient, seed-safe sulfur solution Polysulphate

In this free, on-demand webinar, ICL lead agronomist Dr. Jason Haegele and Craig Davidson, president of Taurus Agricultural Marketing discuss the seed-safe, multi-nutrient sulfur solution: Polysulphate (polyhalite).

Polysulphate Premium is a convenient and proven multi-nutrient source for key crops grown in Western Canada and across the US, including success in small grains, canola and potatoes. ICL’s proprietary granular fertilizer, Polysulphate (polyhalite) delivers K, S, Ca, and Mg in a single granule with an environmentally friendly and agronomically optimal release profile. Haegele and Davidson will share the latest research and insights into Polysulphate as a source of potassium for single-pass seeding and fertilization operations. This webinar will explore:

  • What is Polysulphate, the naturally occurring mineral polyhalite
  • How application timing can be modified depending on cropping season with reduced concern of sulfur loss from leaching due to fall or pre-planting applications.
  • How application rate can be modified depending on crop and fertilizer blend to target specific nutrients. For example, with canola, Polysulphate can be used to provide a greater amount of potassium placed in proximity to the seed without concern of stand loss. For potatoes, calcium is often of greater focus for yield and quality, and Polysulphate applied at a higher rate is an excellent season-long source of plant-available calcium.
  • Explore the seed-safety study, diving into stand count, yeild and the impact that can have on seeding rates

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About Our Speakers

Dr. Jason Haegele, ICL, North American Agronomy Lead 

Jason Haegele, PhD, is ICL’s North American Agronomy Lead. In his role at ICL, Jason leads field trials, agronomy training, and technical services programs for the US and Canada. Jason holds BS and MS degrees in agronomy, agricultural engineering, crop physiology from Iowa State University, and a PhD in crop sciences from the University of Illinois. He has over 15 years of passion and experience in agronomy research, product development, and sales & marketing support. Jason is based in central Illinois. 

Craig Davidson, Taurus, President & Founding Partner 

As President of Taurus, Craig Davidson, is passionate about working with progressive farmers and continues to personally lead grower meetings. He works closely with agri-businesses and manufacturers to determine how their products and services can bring value to the Canadian and global marketplace – and fit within an overall agronomic strategy designed to maximize production and profitability for growers.  Craig has spent his whole life in agriculture and continues to be actively involved in a fifth-generation family farming operation in Virden, Manitoba.  

*this webinar was hosted by Top Crop Manager.