Enhancing turf management with Ultimate Offer CalMag

Golf course managers continually search for solutions that enhance the health and playability of their greens.

May 3, 2024
2 mins

For Stuart Job, Course Manager at Sand Martins Golf Club, the decision to incorporate ICL’s Ultimate Offer CalMag into the club’s turf maintenance strategy has been transformative.

The bundle, which includes products from Syngenta and ICL, offers a streamlined and effective approach to turf management.

Whats in Ultimate Offer CalMag?

Ultimate Offer CalMag includes:

  • 1 x 5L Primo Maxx II: The leading plant growth regulator that moderates growth, enhances durability, and improves the overall playability of turf while reducing the frequency of mowing needed.
  • 1 x 200L Greenmaster Liquid CalMag: This formulation is designed for rapid nutrient absorption, significantly enhancing the greenness and vigour of the turf.
  • 13 x Syngenta XC 04 nozzles: Precision-engineered for accurate product application, these nozzles help maximise efficacy and reduce wastage.
  • Application Booklet: For precise spray application record keeping

Additionally, buying this package earns five points within the Turf Rewards programme, adding further value for turf managers.

Stuart Job, Course Manager at Sand Martins Golf Club

How often is Ultimate Offer CalMag applied?

Stuart makes fortnightly applications to his greens and approaches using the CalMag bundle, “The programmed nature of Ultimate Offer CalMag is invaluable,” Stuart says. “It ensures that we have the right products at the right times, which maximises both efficiency and turf quality.”

Stuart also enhances his tank mixes with Vitalnova Stressbuster, further strengthening the turf against environmental stresses and aiding its recovery with a mix of biostimulants and nutrients.

The benefit of tank-mix compatibility

For turf managers, the ability to combine several treatments into a single application is highly beneficial. The tank-mix compatibility of the CalMag bundle’s components is a key advantage.

“Being able to tank-mix these products in one application saves time and ensures our turf gets the support it needs with fewer applications,” Stuart remarks.

Proven Results

The introduction of Ultimate Offer CalMag into the turf management programme at Sand Martins Golf Club has resulted in observable improvements in turf density, uniformity, and overall health. The cost-effectiveness of the bundle allows for better allocation of resources to other turf maintenance activities.

“Integrating the Ultimate Offer CalMag into our programme has improved how we manage our turf. The quality and tank-mixability of each component, along with the Turf Rewards points, make this bundle an excellent and cost-effective option for any course manager.”

Why chose Ultimate Offer Calmag?

For turf managers, the Ultimate Offer CalMag from ICL offers a comprehensive, efficient solution that not only simplifies turf care but also helps ensure consistently exacting standards across the course.