Establishing and maintaining resilient turf for football pitches

How ProTurf ProTurf 15-6-15 +7CaO+2.5MgO drives seedling development

May 23, 2024
2 mins

Establishing and maintaining resilient turf for football pitches is crucial, especially in high-impact environments.

ProTurf ProTurf 15-6-15 +7CaO+2.5MgO, a controlled release fertiliser, is ideal to help drive the development of seedlings into mature plants that can withstand the rigours of play.

This article explores how ProTurf 15-6-15 supports optimal turf management by nurturing seedlings to maturity.

Driving seedling development

ProTurf 15-6-15 promotes the rapid development of seedlings into resilient turf. The balanced nutrient profile ensures young plants receive essential macronutrients necessary for robust growth, which is critical during the vulnerable early stages of development.

Comprehensive nutrient profile

ProTurf 15-6-15 provides six essential macronutrients: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), calcium (CaO), magnesium (MgO), and sulphur (S).

This nutrient balance supports strong root development and overall plant health, laying the foundation for seedlings to grow into mature turf capable of enduring heavy use.

Effective turf establishment

A key feature of ProTurf 15-6-15 is its effectiveness in quickly establishing turf. The inclusion of readily available urea nitrogen ensures an immediate response from seedlings, even in cooler conditions.

This rapid nutrient uptake is crucial for the swift establishment of new turf, helping young plants continue to mature even during stressful conditions.

Superior granulation

ProTurf 15-6-15’s mini granules, ranging from 1mm to 2.5mm, ensure even distribution and rapid dispersal, typically within 8 days depending on environmental factors.

This fine granulation enhances the turf’s visual appeal, providing superior colour response and improved sward density as seedlings grow.

Controlled release technology

The Poly-S controlled release technology in ProTurf 15-6-15 ensures a steady delivery of nutrients over time without causing growth peaks.

This controlled release minimises nutrient leaching and provides a consistent supply of nitrogen, supporting sustained turf growth and health. With a longevity of 2-3 months, fewer applications are needed, saving time and labour while supporting young turf development.

Immediate and sustained response

ProTurf 15-6-15 combines immediate and sustained nutrient release. The uncoated nitrogen component delivers an immediate boost to seedlings, while the controlled release technology ensures long-term nutrient availability.

This dual action supports both the immediate needs of young plants and their ongoing health, resulting in a resilient and high-performing playing surface.

Multi-nutrient mineral polyhalite

A standout feature of ProTurf 15-6-15 is the inclusion of polyhalite, a unique multi-nutrient mineral fertiliser.

Polyhalite provides four macronutrients (potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sulphur) in a single granule, enhancing nutrient efficiency and turf health. This addition improves the turf’s colour response and sward density, contributing to a visually appealing and robust playing surface as seedlings mature.


ProTurf 15-6-15 +7CaO+2.5MgO is an exceptional fertiliser for turf management, particularly in driving the development of seedlings into mature, resilient turf. It offers a balanced nutrient profile, rapid establishment, and sustained growth.

Its high-impact performance, superior granulation, and controlled release technology make it an ideal choice for nurturing young turf to withstand the demands of the game.

By providing both immediate and sustained nutrient release, ProTurf 15-6-15 helps ensure football pitches remain in top condition.