H2Pro AquaSmart proves effective in Woodbridge Golf Club trials

Following comprehensive on-site trials by ICL, Woodbridge Golf Club has recently adopted H2Pro AquaSmart into its fairway management programme.

April 30, 2024
2 mins

The trials were crucial in determining the most effective products for maintaining turf under drought conditions and enhancing plant health, particularly over large areas.

Key benefits and performance of H2Pro AquaSmart

Paul Lawrence, Head Greenkeeper at Woodbridge, monitored the trials and was impressed by the performance of H2Pro AquaSmart. “The trials provided clear evidence of how well H2Pro AquaSmart performs under the demanding weather and soil conditions we face here,” Paul commented. “Its efficiency in using water and sustaining turf health was particularly impressive.”

Optimised for low-rate applications over large areas, H2Pro AquaSmart offers both efficacy and economic benefits. It helps maintain soil moisture by slowing down the drying process and facilitating quicker rewetting, which is crucial for keeping the turf healthy and resilient throughout the UK and Ireland’s unpredictable weather.

Results at Woodbridge Golf Club

“The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of H2Pro AquaSmart were key factors in our decision,” Paul continued. “It aligns perfectly with our goals of sustainability and careful budget management.”

Since integrating H2Pro AquaSmart, Woodbridge Golf Club has seen marked improvements in their fairways. The turf is healthier, and the playing conditions have consistently improved.

Paul’s endorsement of H2Pro AquaSmart underscores its effectiveness and efficiency, especially over large areas.

The successful implementation at Woodbridge Golf Club showcases how ICL products can meet the challenges of modern turf management, combining performance with cost efficiency.