Polysulphate Fertiliser’s Flawless Solubility

The prolonged release of nutrients from Polysulphate ensures crops have access to the required nutrients throughout their growing period.

May 4, 2021
2 mins

A film of a laboratory demonstration using a rain simulator shows clearly how Polysulphate fertiliser dissolves gradually, releasing nutrients over a prolonged period to the growing crop.



From Field to Laboratory

Solubility is hard to see, let alone measure, at soil level in the field. But the behaviour of granular Polysulphate fertiliser in the soil is replicable in a simulator. In a laboratory, granular Polysulphate is held in a tray and over a period of 160 hours it is ‘rained’ on. The simulated rainfall is at a rate of 10 mm per hour.


Gradual and Gentle Nutrient Release

Almost all the Polysulphate dissolves during the 160 hour rainfall test period, releasing all the nutrients for plant uptake. In the field, conditions would be different: the actual rainfall would affect the speed of dissolving. However, the principle of the nature and the proportion of solubility is the same.

To see this demonstration of solubility in detail watch our film ”Demonstrating Polysulphate fertiliser solubility with a Rain simulator” available now.