Add up the benefits with PLUS

ICL PLUS products contain multiple nutrients that enable farmers to maximise their nutrient use efficiency.

Reducing greenhouse gases and producing more food with less inputs is the major challenge facing UK farmers over the next decade. This means increasing nutrient use efficiency and ensuring crops have an adequate supply of all the nutrients they need that are essential to optimise yields.

Increasingly farmers will need to focus on making the most efficient use of nutrients for both arable and grassland production. That means making the most of nutrients in the soil through regular soil testing, as well as those applied as fertilisers or manures.



  • Suited to all crop and soil types
  • Ensures a slow nutrient release
  • Better yields of greater quality for higher profits
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Optimises plants’ nutrient use efficiency
  • Enhances root development and overall crop establishment
  • Provides a reduced carbon footprint