Improve plant health with Vitalnova TriBoost

2 mins

Significantly enhancing the microbial content of peat-reduced and peat-free growing media mixes, ICL’s new microbial inoculant Vitalnova TriBoost has been shown to promote better rooting and overall plant health.

“Conveniently pre-incorporated into sustainable growing media mixes, Vitalnova TriBoost is the latest addition to our growing portfolio of tried and tested high performance biostimulants,” explains Sam Rivers, ICL technical manager for controls.  “Helping to create a healthy beneficial microbiome, it boosts plant vitality optimising plant quality while minimising losses. Getting to work quickly, it’s been shown to help plants overcome the slight lag in establishment often observed with peat-free mixes.

“During production, peat alternatives such as woodfibre, coir and bark are generally processed and sterilised, so harbour fewer beneficial microbes,” he explains.  “Replenishes the beneficial microbial community, Vitalnova TriBoost is proving a welcome addition to integrated crop management plans for plants grown in sustainable growing media mixes.”

Robust communities of beneficial microbes are essential for optimising soil and growing media productivity; promoting rapid break down of plant residues, improving soil carbon and pH; and for helping to provide plants with available nutrients throughout the season.

“Following extensive research from several continents, Vitalnova TriBoost consists of a robust population of beneficial microbes including three live cultures of Bacillus subtilis, Enterococcus faecium and Lactobacillus plantarum – all freeze-dried to optimise viability. Selected for their role in healthy, balanced soils, our new microbial inoculant is growing media incorporated, giving mixes a well needed microbial boost.

In peat-free trials, losses in several challenging-to-grow species were eliminated, while plants were ready for sale 2-3 weeks earlier. Growers interested in trialing Vitalnova TriBoost should contact their ICL technical area sales manager.