Educational days at Malone Golf Club and Castle Golf Club

ICL and Syngenta recently hosted greenkeeper educational events at Malone Golf Club in Belfast and Castle Golf Club in Dublin. 

April 26, 2024
2 mins

Understanding Dollar spot: causes and prevention

The sessions included a detailed discussion on the management of Dollar Spot, led by ICL’s Henry Bechelet and Sean Loakes from Syngenta. Their presentation, titled “Dollar spot: What drives thedisease and investing in prevention,” explored the environmental factors that contribute to the disease and discussed strategies for effective management and prevention.

Exploring Syngenta’s AIM strategy for season-long disease control

Part of the agenda also covered the AIM strategy, a new Syngenta fungicide solution. The AIM pack, designed for season-long disease control, includes three leading fungicides: Ascernity, Instrata Elite, and Medallion TL. These are specifically selected to provide an effective strategy from summer through to winter, offering a cost-effective and agronomically strong approach to disease management.

Introducing ‘Turf Advisor’: A digital tool for greenkeepers

Additionally, the introduction of ‘Turf Advisor,’ a new digital tool, was highlighted. This platform provides immediate access to essential information and advice, helping greenkeepers make informed decisions to improve management practices across golf courses.

Enhancing skills and knowledge

These education days not only imparted theoretical knowledge but also promoted the exchange of practical experiences among participants, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Such initiatives are vital for ensuring that greenkeepers are well-prepared to meet the challenges of modern turf management.

Through these educational efforts at Malone and Castle Golf Clubs, ICL and Syngenta continue to support the professional development of greenkeepers across Ireland, reinforcing industry practices and sustainability in golf course maintenance.