Enhancing turf management with AIM: Making the most of 40 Turf Rewards points

Maximise your purchase with practical rewards and ongoing benefits from ICL and Syngenta

May 7, 2024
3 mins

For golf course and sports turf managers across the UK and Ireland, purchasing Syngenta’s AIM Pack is more than just an investment in top-tier disease control—it also earns you 40 Turf Rewards points.

These points can significantly enhance how your operation functions and support your team’s development. Here’s a guide on how to make the most of these points and what additional rewards can be gained by continuing to use ICL and Syngenta products.

Immediate Benefits of 40 Turf Rewards Points

When you purchase the AIM Pack, you receive 40 Turf Rewards points upon registering on the Turf Rewards website. These points can be exchanged for rewards that improve your daily operations.

Here are some suggestions of ways to spend 40 points or less, noting scheme-specific rewards:

  • BIGGA Membership (10 – 30 points) [UK only]: Memberships range from entry-level to full membership for Head Greenkeepers and Course Managers.
  • ATPI Membership (15 – 55 points) [Ireland only]: Memberships range from entry-level to full membership for Greenkeeper to Course membership.
  • ETL Organic Matter Profile for 3 greens (20 points) [Available in both UK and Ireland]: Independent and unbiased analysis for your turf.
  • £150 Sports Metals voucher (30 points) [UK only]: Sports Metals provides a bespoke range of products specifically designed to assist with turf management.
  • €200 Great Outdoors Voucher (35 points) [Ireland only]: Purchase workwear, footwear, and other essential equipment for your business from Great Outdoors.
  • A range of Wildflower mixes (40 points) [Available in both UK and Ireland]: A 1kg pack of wildflower seed mix, ideal for parkland, heathland, or links areas.
  • £250 BIGGA Continue to Learn Vouchers (40 points) [UK only]: Help your team learn about turf management and stay up-to-date with the latest practices at BTME.
  • £250 Machine Mart Vouchers (40 points) [UK only]: Pick up tools and machinery.
  • £250 Cotswold Outdoor vouchers (40 points) [UK only]: Outfit your team with high-quality outdoor gear.
  • €250 Caulfield Industrial Voucher (40 points) [Ireland only]: Purchase equipment and tools to benefit your business.

Getting More Rewards with Ongoing Purchases

By purchasing ICL and Syngenta products throughout the year, you can accumulate more Turf Rewards points, leading to bigger and better rewards:

  • Waste Collection & Recycling Scheme (45 – 65 points): Make recycling your waste easy with this collection service.
  • SGL TurfPod (115 points): Advanced technology that keeps your greens in perfect condition using detailed data analysis.
  • MacBook Air (140 points): Streamline your digital management with this tool, ideal for organizing tasks and enhancing learning.
  • TDR350 Soil Moisture Meter (150 points): A crucial tool for monitoring soil moisture
  • Clegg Hammer (280 points): Monitor surface characteristics accurately with the Clegg Impact Hammer.

To explore the full range of rewards available, visit www.turfrewards.com for the UK scheme or www.turfrewards.ie for the Ireland scheme.

Planning for the Best Outcomes

Turf Rewards points expire at the end of each year, so be sure to redeem them before 2024 ends. Collecting Turf Rewards points allows you to plan strategically and make decisions that significantly impact your facility’s success:

  • Smart Choices: Identify which rewards will benefit your operations now and which larger items could make a significant difference in the future.
  • Better Planning: Leverage the flexibility of the Turf Rewards programme to align your purchases and rewards with your facility’s needs and your team’s growth.

Conclusion: Improving Your Turf Management

Purchasing Syngenta’s AIM Pack not only effectively combats turf diseases but also sets you up for success through the Turf Rewards programme.

With the initial 40 points and the potential to earn more, you have plenty of opportunities to enhance how you manage your turf.

This approach allows you to not only maintain but significantly improve the quality and appeal of your turf, making sports turf across all facilities more competitive and attractive.