ICL: Proud Patrons of the Irish Links Initiative

Despite this abundance of golf courses around the world, there are fewer than 250 authentic links courses globally.

May 7, 2024
2 mins

This scarcity underscores the importance of the Irish Links Initiative (ILI), an organisation founded in 2008 with the mission to “Protect, Preserve, and Promote” links golf in Ireland.

The initiative was established by Brian Coburn, greens convenor at Royal County Down, who recognised the unique legacy of Irish links courses.

ICL is a proud patron of the ILI, firmly committed to its six core principles:

  1. Heritage Conservation: The initiative strives to safeguard the rich heritage of Irish links golf, a tradition with deep roots in the country’s coastal landscapes. By protecting these natural, historic courses, they ensure that the distinctive links experience is maintained for future generations.
  2. Raw Links Experience: One of the ILI’s guiding philosophies is to preserve the raw, natural feel of links golf. By respecting the landscape’s rugged nature, they ensure golfers enjoy a challenging and authentic game.
  3. Educational Advancement: The ILI promotes educational programmes on links management, ensuring that course maintenance aligns with sustainable practices. This fosters a deeper understanding of how to best care for these precious courses.
  4. Information Exchange: Recognising the value of shared knowledge, the ILI facilitates the exchange of information among various links courses. This collaboration helps to address shared challenges and implement best practices across the country.
  5. Awareness Raising: Creating greater awareness of Irish links courses is central to the ILI’s mission. By emphasising the unique characteristics and rich history of these courses, the initiative shines a light on the unparalleled links experience available in Ireland.
  6. Global Promotion: The ILI also takes its message abroad, showcasing Irish links golf to golfers around the world. Their international promotions aim to attract more players to experience the distinctive landscape and sporting challenge these courses offer.

ICL’s support of the ILI reflects a shared passion for links golf and a recognition of the unique value these courses hold.

By partnering with the ILI, ICL contributes to the continued success of the initiative and helps ensure that Ireland’s stunning links courses remain protected, preserved, and promoted for years to come.