Powerful blend of two proven biostimulants for a vibrant and natural turf response.

Vitalnova Links is a formulation that is designed to improve turf health and quality without creating artificial growth.

The product contains the concentrated seaweed extract Vitalnova SMX combined with the proven biostimulant Vitalnova Blade.

  • Researched, formulated and produced in-house by ICL

  • Increases rootmass by up to 40%

  • Up to 50% increase in levels of beneficial bacteria

  • Stimulates root dwelling microbes to improve nutrient uptake

  • Helps enhance root development

  • Shown to improve turf quality and colour

  • Highly concentrated Atlantic Ascophyllum nodosum

  • Pack size 200 litre & 1,000 litre

  • Formulation type Liquid

  • Technology Biostimulant

  • Contains Seaweed extract, molasses

  • Pack Coverage 6.66 - 10 ha (200 litre pack)

Application rateWater volume
20-30 L/ha400-600 L/ha
Application rate
Water volume

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