ICL’s Biostimulant Specialists Support Grape Farmers in China

Dr. Eduardo Cancellier's Mission: Strengthening ICL's Presence and Supporting Grape Farmers in China

May 16, 2024
2 mins
Dr. Guohua Li
Agronomy Lead China

Dr. Eduardo Cancellier, ICL’s Biostimulants Agronomy Specialist, recently embarked on a journey to support for grape farmers in China. With a mission to cultivate meaningful connections and fortify ICL’s presence in the Chinese market, Dr. Eduardo engaged directly with local partners and grape farmers.

Under the guidance of Dr. Guohua Li, ICL’s Agronomy Lead in China, Dr. Eduardo delved into the dynamic Chinese agricultural landscape, meeting with advanced farmers and immersing himself in the intricacies of the grape market.

His itinerary also included visits to a progressive grape farm, interactions with dedicated dealers for WSNPK and BIOZ, and exploration of a biostimulants factory pioneering innovative farming solutions.

Recognizing the unique challenges grape cultivation presents, Dr. Eduardo discussed how ICL’s products can optimize grape farming practices and enhance yields. His insights are poised to contribute significantly to sustainable agriculture practices in China, empowering farmers to overcome challenges effectively.

Gratitude is extended to Dr. Eduardo for his dedication in fostering invaluable connections and making a tangible difference in the grape farming community.