Agromaster Revolutionizes Sugarbeet Farming

Transforming Sugarbeet Farming: Agromaster's Sustainable Success in Marne, France

April 1, 2024
2 mins
Tanguy Martignon
Agronomy Lead North-East France

In the heart of France’s Marne, our Agromaster trial on sugarbeets not only met but exceeded expectations. With Agromaster, we dared to reduce nitrogen doses by 20% and still witnessed remarkable growth and sugar content increase, outperforming traditional methods. It’s a testament to ICL’s commitment to sustainable, efficient agriculture. Seeing our yields surge by 11.5 tonnes per hectare with enhanced sugar content solidifies Agromaster as a game-changer for farmers aiming for both productivity and
sustainability.” – Tanguy Martignon, Development Engineer, ICL

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