Orchard: top quality with post-harvest fertilization

Autumn fertilization favors optimal spring budding. Our ICL experts talk about the benefits of Polysulphate and FertilizerpluS for kiwi and apricot.

December 29, 2023
2 mins
Diego Guarise
Area Sales Manager Nord-Ovest
Jacopo Tampieri
Field Manager central Italy and Veneto

Autumn or post-harvest fertilization , which is carried out at the end of the production cycle, serves to increase the plant’s reserves in order to allow efficient and improved budding .

The same applies to the moment of vegetative growth, where the supply of nutrients with granular fertilization becomes a necessary and indispensable practice to increase production efficiency.

To obtain quality fruit, Polysulphate® is the ideal choice. It is a low-salinity fertilizer based on polyalite, a mineral made up of 4 elements, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulphur, with the gradual release over time. These elements are essential to guarantee the optimal organoleptic quality of the fruit.

In the kiwi field behind me, Polysulphate was applied and a better quality and shelf life of the fruit in refrigerated storage, an increase in the sugar content and production linked to an increase in dry matter were found.

Our expert Diego Guarise explains.

To optimize the supply and absorption of nutrients by the plant, it is recommended to use the products of the FertilizerpluS®, line, calibrated mixtures that are easy to distribute with specific formulations depending on the crop and the phenological phase. They contain Polysulphate and other high-purity and quality materials with immediate effect and gradual bioavailability.

In the (apricot) field behind me, NKpluS 6-14 fertilizer was used in the pre-flowering phase, then followed by a fertigation plan with our Nutri Liquid.

Our expert Jacopo Tampieri explains to us. It’s still:

They can be applied in bands or in the open field on fruit, horticultural, extensive and protected crops. Thanks to Polysulphate, contained within it, it guarantees excellent efficiency and gradual bioavailability of the nutritional elements over time.

Watch the video and discover the advantages of the two products applied post-harvest on kiwi and apricot crops!