The Benefits of Agromaster: Effective, Fast, and Easy to Apply

Revolutionizing Crop Nutrition for Optimal Efficiency

December 12, 2023
2 mins
Carlos González
Mozoncillo, Segovia

Carlos González of Plantas de Segovia, S. L., a company located in Mozoncillo, Segovia, with operations spanning 30 hectares of strawberries and 30 hectares of asparagus, shares his experience with the Agromaster range:

“Agromaster offers distinct advantages over other products. It’s highly effective, incredibly fast to apply (a single person can cover 100 hectares in a day),and ensures that every plant receives the necessary nutrition continuously. This results in a uniform crop with plants of similar size since they all receive the same nutrients. It’s a cost-effective solution for our crops, thanks to its exceptional efficiency and reduced application costs.”

Carlos González further notes, “The result is a homogeneous crop with plants of similar size.”