Working with Innovative Farmers to Improve Hops

ICL Agronomist Sebastian Feil guides us through the latest hop trial in the Czech Republic

July 14, 2023
2 mins

Innovative farmers are a crucial part of ICL’s work to test and demonstrate the effectiveness of our fertilizers. ICL Agronomist Sebastien Feil explains the role of such a farmer as he takes us on a tour of a new hop trial in the Czech Republic.

Working with the Hop Research Institute, ICL is conducting this scientific hops crop trial to investigate and demonstrate the potential of two of ICL’s fertilizer products to improve the yield and quality of hops which are used primarily for brewing beer.

I like that we are working with an innovative farmer who is interested in getting a step forward

The support of such innovative farmers allows us to investigate and demonstrate the benefits of changes to crop nutrition strategies. In this trial, ICL’s natural mineral, multi-nutrient Polysulphate fertilizer with its prolonged release pattern, and ICL’s Agromaster Controlled Release Fertilizer are under the microscope.