AIM delivers exceptional value with Turf Rewards.

Enhance your turf's health and earn 40 Turf Rewards points with Syngenta's AIM package

March 19, 2024
2 mins

Syngenta’s latest innovation, the AIM pack, a powerful trio of leading fungicides – Ascernity, Instrata Elite, and Medallion TL – promises to revolutionise how turf diseases are managed, offering a season-long strategy that adapts to the unique challenges of each season.

Adding to its already impressive list of benefits, the AIM Pack qualifies for 40 Turf Rewards points, an offering that underscores ICL and Syngenta’s commitment to supporting the professional development and operational efficiency of greenkeepers and turf managers.

Unlocking potential with Turf Rewards

The Turf Rewards scheme is a joint initiative by ICL and Syngenta, designed to acknowledge and reward the loyalty of turf managers.

It allows professionals to convert their product purchases into points, which can be redeemed for a wide variety of items ranging from equipment and vouchers to advanced learning opportunities. It represents not just savings, but an investment in the future of their turf and team.

The impact of 40 points

The 40 points accompanying the purchase of the AIM Pack open the door to a wealth of invaluable assets. With this significant tally, turf managers could select £250 worth of BIGGA Continue to Learn vouchers to advance their expertise.

Alternatively, they could redeem the points for £250 in Machine Mart vouchers, ideal for acquiring new tools and machinery or one might choose Cotswold Outdoor vouchers to kit out their staff with premium outdoor apparel and equipment.

As points accumulate over the year, the rewards within reach become increasingly substantial.

For instance, starting with the £250 Machine Mart vouchers, consistent investment in ICL and Syngenta products could lead to acquiring items of even greater value, such as a MacBook Air, the cutting-edge SGL TurfPod, or the state-of-the-art agronomy equipment like a TDR350.

Strategic choices for greenkeepers

The flexibility of the Turf Rewards points means that greenkeepers can make strategic choices that best suit their needs.

Whether it’s professional development, sprucing up equipment, or investing in the comfort and efficiency of their team with outdoor clothing and gear, the rewards from the AIM Pack purchase can make a substantial difference.

Conclusion: A rewarding future for Turf Management

The AIM Pack is changing the game for turf disease control, and with its Turf Rewards benefits, it is also redefining the rewards of investing in top-quality turf management solutions.

Turf Managers across the UK & Ireland now have 40 more reasons to choose Syngenta’s AIM Pack, with rewards that extend from the green to the growth of their careers and facilities. The AIM Pack doesn’t just promise a healthy turf—it delivers a thriving future for those who manage it.