Introducing the AIM Pack

The AIM package is a one-box fungicide programme, providing a well-proven and agronomically strong season-long disease control strategy.

March 19, 2024
2 mins

In the ever-evolving world of turf management, staying ahead of disease outbreaks is crucial for maintaining high quality, healthy greens.

Recognising this, Syngenta has unveiled its latest innovation in turf disease control for professionals across the UK & Ireland: the AIM pack. This powerful trio of leading fungicides – Ascernity, Instrata Elite, and Medallion TL – promises to revolutionise how turf diseases are managed, offering a season-long strategy that adapts to the unique challenges of each season.

A trio of excellence for season-long protection

The AIM pack is not just another fungicide product; it’s a comprehensive disease management solution. Each component has been carefully selected for its proven efficacy and compatibility, working together to protect turf from the most challenging diseases.

Ascernity tackles the summer months with its robust action, Instrata Elite provides a mid-season boost, and Medallion TL ensures winter protection, covering all bases for year-round health.

Tailored to the local turf needs

Understanding the UK’s & Irelands diverse turf landscapes, the AIM pack is designed for flexibility. The pack offers a customisable approach.

Turf professionals can adjust the application sequence based on local conditions, disease pressures, and turf species, ensuring optimal results.

Proven performance, trusted results

Syngenta’s commitment to innovation is evident in the AIM pack’s development. Rigorous testing under local conditions has proven its effectiveness, offering peace of mind to turf managers.

By integrating the AIM pack into their disease control strategy, professionals can expect fewer disease outbreaks, reduced application frequency, and consistently healthy turf.

Cost-effective solution for turf professionals

The AIM pack is not only about superior disease control; it’s also about offering value.

With competitive pricing and the potential for reduced application costs, it represents a cost-effective solution for turf professionals. The convenience of having three top-tier fungicides in one package further simplifies inventory management and application processes.

The future of turf disease management

The launch of the AIM pack marks a significant milestone in turf disease management. Its arrival offers a new level of control, adaptability, and reliability for professionals tasked with maintaining the UK’s green spaces.

As the latest addition to Syngenta’s portfolio of turf health solutions, the AIM pack is set to become a staple in professional turf management programs.

Embrace the AIM pack today

For those looking to stay ahead in the turf management industry, embracing the AIM pack is a smart move.

It’s launch is a game-changer, offering a new standard in disease control and turf health.