Unlocking the Power of Water

For all forms of turf management, one of the keys to success lies in unlocking the power of water.

March 4, 2024
3 mins

Effective water management is required in the pursuit of optimal plant health, turf quality, nutrient uptake, root development and soil health. Water is a powerful commodity, and it needs to be managed properly.

ICL Growing Solutions are proud to announce that its premium wetting agent H2Pro TriSmart, has achieved the remarkable status of being registered as a “non-microbial biostimulant” under the latest EU Fertilizing Product Regulation (FPR)(1009/2019).

Developed through extensive research and tested in multiple independent trials, H2Pro TriSmart has been proven to provide a whole host of wide-ranging turf benefits by enhancing water distribution and use.

This unique classification means that H2Pro TriSmart is now in a class of its own.

The registration of H2Pro TriSmart follows comprehensive trials conducted by the independent Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) in Bingley. These trials showcased the product’s unique ability to unlock the power of water, enhancing both soil and plant quality traits.

For the first time, a product has earned the distinction of being a wetting agent that is a ‘non-microbial plant biostimulant,’ emphasizing its abilities to optimise water distribution and use.

Dr. Andy Owen, ICL International Technical Manager Turf and Landscape, attests to the exceptional performance of TriSmart, stating, “Years of research and field trials have proven that the product performs exceptionally well.” The extensive data gathered from global field trials and university research highlight TriSmart’s capability to reduce dry patch and soil hydrophobicity. While acknowledging the benefits under the new fertiliser legislation, Dr. Owen underscores the product’s unique ability to improve moisture status in drought-affected soils and root zones.

H2Pro TriSmart trial in Australia

Four independent field trials at the STRI, each with eight treatment replications, provided compelling evidence of H2Pro TriSmart’s capacity to unlock the power of water for improved turf quality traits.

The trials measured enhancements in turf quality, colour, uniformity, density, NDVI responses, and a significantly greater volumetric moisture content percentage (VMC %) in TriSmart treated plots compared to control plots. This robust field data supports the product’s designation under the latest regulations, reinforcing its efficacy in optimising water distribution, availability and utilisation – all essential for successful turf maintenance.

Turf managers have a powerful tool at their disposal to maximize the use of water. Utilising H2Pro TriSmart in turf management programmes enhances a number of hugely important turf attributes:

  1. Drought Resilience: TriSmart enhances soil moisture distribution and uptake by the turfgrass, enabling it to better withstand drought stress conditions.
  2. Water-Use Efficiency: Through a programmed approach with H2Pro wetting agents, turf managers can achieve higher water-use efficiency, ensuring responsible water management practices.
  3. Enhanced Water Uptake: TriSmart facilitates increased water (and nutrient) uptake by grass plants in a drying soil, promoting healthier root systems and overall plant vitality.
  4. Improved Turf Quality Traits: Turf managers can expect enhancements in turf quality, colour, uniformity, and density, resulting in a visually appealing and high-performing playing surface.

TriSmart is part of ICL’s high-performance H2Pro water management range, which has been developed specifically for high quality performance turfgrass. The range offers specialist blends of residual and penetrant surfactants suitable for all conditions, all backed by extensive research and user testimonials. Turf managers using H2Pro TriSmart in their programmes can be assured that the product’s quality and high performance remain unchanged, with the new FPR 1009/2019 compliant label a testament to its exceptional capabilities.

In the field of turf management technologies ICL Growing Solutions continues to break new ground.

With its new classification as a non-microbial biostimulant, H2Pro TriSmart is confirmed as a proven market leading product that unlocks the power of water for enhanced turf quality.

The new classification sets it apart for other products in this category, offering turf managers an extremely effective and versatile tool to optimize soil water distribution and turf utilisation.

Supported by rigorous trials, this innovative product will continue to transform turf management practices, ensuring golf courses and sports fields maintain optimal conditions for play while prioritising our goal of sustainable water management.