Comprehensive ‘Invasives Plants Guide’ published

ICL's new Invasives Plant Guide, a detailed and comprehensive resource for understanding and managing key invasive plants in the United Kingdom.

July 19, 2023
2 mins

Encompassing over 150 pages, the Invasives Plant Guide provides crucial information about identifying, understanding, and sustainably managing 14 different types of invasive plants prevalent in the UK. The varieties covered in the guide range from annuals such as Himalayan balsam and Smooth sowthistle to short-lived perennials like Giant hogweed and Common ragwort, as well as long-lived perennials including Japanese knotweed and Bracken. Woody weeds and trees, such as Buddleja and Rhododendron, are also included.

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The guide offers a thorough understanding of what constitutes an invasive plant and the problems they can pose. It delves into their growth and lifecycle, with a focus on how this knowledge can be applied for their sustainable control and management. Additionally, it provides valuable insights into the legal considerations associated with invasive plants.

“The Invasives Plant Guide is a comprehensive resource that brings together information to aid in the identification, understanding, and sustainable management of invasive plants,” said Barry Browne, Landscape & Industrial Sales Manager from ICL. “We believe that this guide will be an invaluable tool for all who are dealing with invasive species, from landscapers and gardeners to local authorities and land managers.”

The Invasives Plant Guide is now available for those interested in the control and management of invasive plant species.