ICLeaf: Transforming Plant Nutrition Through Advanced Leaf Analysis

Revolutionizing Plant Nutrition for a Sustainable Future

September 26, 2023
2 mins
Dr. Sagi Katz

Dr. Sagi Katz, VP of Agronomy at Agmatix, an innovative digital agro informatics startup within ICL, introduces ICLeaf – a groundbreaking advancement in plant nutrition. Dr. Katz spearheaded ICLeaf’s development, a result of ICL and ARO Volcani Center (The Agricultural Research Organization of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Israel) collaborative efforts.

ICLeaf is a game-changer in collaborative crop nutrition. It seamlessly integrates insights from trusted agronomists and precision nutrition prescriptions, enhancing crop productivity, quality, and environmental sustainability. This technology maximizes data utilization, yielding optimal outcomes for profitability, yield, and ecological harmony.

ICLeaf introduces a robust dataset via cost-effective X-ray-based leaf nutrient analysis. This method identifies nutrient excesses or deficiencies in plants, enabling agronomists to fine-tune nutrition plans with precision. Adaptable throughout the season, it caters to changing plant nutrient requirements.

Unlike time-consuming methods like soil analysis, ICLeaf swiftly and affordably conducts leaf nutrient analysis, expanding the agronomist’s data-driven toolkit.

ICLeaf supports diverse crops like cotton, tomatoes, grapes, and more, streamlining support from a single agronomist.

ICLeaf’s Operation

Harnessing infrared x-ray technology for consistent, accurate plant leaf analyses, ICLeaf uses machine learning to refine nutrient and crop identification, overcoming lab variability. This approach spans 12 essential elements and heavy metals, promoting food safety and sustainability.

Beyond nutrition, ICLeaf integrates with remote sensing for broader applications like plant protection and irrigation, driving innovation through field data collection.

ICLeaf and Digital Crop Advisor

Agmatix’s Digital Crop Advisor aids growers with data-driven decisions. ICLeaf identifies nutrient deficiencies, while the Advisor devises optimized nutrition plans.

ICLeaf’s Role in Sustainable Farming

ICLeaf’s periodic analyses guide precise nutrient application, promoting sustainable growth throughout the season, contrasting single annual nutrient applications.

Key ICLeaf Features

ICLeaf adapts protocols for tailored prescriptions based on leaf analyses, ensuring timely, precise nutrient supply, fostering optimal crop development and yield.

Impact and Future

Right now, ICLeaf is working well in India, where farmers are working with agronomy teams across different regions and different languages. Benefiting 1,700 farmers, ICLeaf has driven prescriptions and pattern recognition for proactive nutrient management. ICLeaf will extend globally.

Eco-friendly Contribution

ICLeaf supports products with varying environmental sensitivities, guiding sustainable practices and reducing environmental impact.

ICL’s Sustainability Commitment

ICL’s dedication to sustainability underpins innovations, addressing food scarcity, environmental health, and resource conservation. ICLeaf reinforces ICL’s sustainability goals.