Diana Wieczorek: ICL’s Agronomist Insights

Tailored advice and recommendations

November 21, 2023
2 mins
Diana Wieczorek | Key Agronomist & Sales Support
Poland & Baltics

As an agronomist, one of the things I find most rewarding is interacting with growers. Using my knowledge and experience to generate a positive outcome is really satisfying.
I’m often asked about the availability and solubility of the nutrients in our crop nutrition products as growers seek to identify the perfect product for their crops. The other question growers frequently ask is whether the farm water supply is suitable for irrigation or fertigation and what fertilizers would work best for their specific crops and growing conditions.

Rewarding Challenges

These questions can be challenging to answer. But, with an understanding of a farm’s specific soil and water characteristics and my knowledge of crops’ nutritional needs, I aim to identify the perfect nutrition solution for each situation. Whether that is suggesting the right water-soluble fertilizer for a fertigation system, the optimal nutrient supply and balance along the crop cycle, or the correct controlled-release fertilizer to provide nutrients through a crop’s entire growing season.

Witnessing the success of crops, fueled by the right advice and products, is always deeply satisfying. After all, thriving crops contribute to the overall success and prosperity of the grower. You can’t ask for more than that!