Exploring Biostimulants in Japan

From Hokkaido to Kyushu, Dr. Eduardo Lopes Cancellier Explores Biostimulants in Japan

June 20, 2024
2 mins
Dr. Eduardo Lopes Cancellier
Biostimulants Agronomy Specialist

Dr. Eduardo Lopes Cancellier, a Biostimulants Agronomy Specialist, recently embarked on an enlightening visit to Japan, spanning from Hokkaido to Kyushu. His journey was rich with learning and collaboration, providing invaluable insights into the use and impact of biostimulants across various crops.

Throughout his travels, Eduardo engaged deeply with local distributors and growers, exploring the practical applications and benefits of biostimulants. He led comprehensive training sessions, visited numerous field trials to collect crucial data, and fostered strong relationships with key partners. This trip was a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in sustainable farming. A heartfelt thank you to everyone involved for their dedication and hard work!