Fertilizers behind the scenes – India

A Regeneration Journey with Polysulphate in India

August 22, 2023
2 mins

The strong Indian soil weakens due to changing temperatures, and its energy decreases in the changing weather. Then, something important happens – a realization – a morning of big change that brightens our lives. This is a special morning called ICL.



From this point, a voyage of rejuvenation unfolds. The Indian soil, seemingly exhausted, undergoes a gradual rebirth, courtesy of polysulphate.

Empowered by the potential of polysulphate, an innovative concept blossoms – harnessing its capability to nurture the cultivation of our lands.
Thanks to this innovation fields that were once modest in Indian yield flourish into vast landscapes, transformed by the infusion of ICL’s polysulphate touch.

Over generations, polysulphate has become a steadfast Indian ally for millions of Indian farmers nationwide. Its influence echoes through their dedicated hands, infusing their work with renewed vitality. The bond between polysulphate and ICL evolves into a symbol of Indian progress, marking a collective endeavor to shape a better tomorrow.

In unity, we safeguard the promise of future Indian generations. This connection with polysulphate and ICL signifies a commitment to preserve the future of our fields, while sowing seeds of prosperity and progress throughout Indian society.

With ICL’s polysulphate, we illuminate the path to sustainable growth, nurturing and nourishing our soils in India.