Role of Controlled Release Fertilizers and Sustainable Agriculture

April 9, 2024
April 11, 2024
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Ronald Clemens
Global Product Manager CRF at ICL Specialty Fertilizers

Join ICL’s Ronald Clemens at the upcoming Global New Ag International event at Estrel Congress Centre, Berlin, Germany, for an insightful presentation titled “How Controlled Release Fertilizers Can Support Sustainable Agriculture in the Near Future.” This session, taking place on 10 April at 12:10, promises to delve into crucial aspects shaping the future of agriculture.

Presentation Highlights

How CRFs Reduce Nitrogen Losses: Exploring the independent research that demonstrates why controlled-release fertilizers should be embraced by policymakers to reduce the environmental impact of farming.


Fertilizer Carbon Footprint and Lifecycle Analysis: Gain insights into the transition from assessing fertilizer carbon footprints to carrying out comprehensive lifecycle analyses to discover the potential contribution of CRFs to crop carbon footprints.


Positive Effects of CRFs on Soil Microflora: Exposing the positive impacts of CRFs on soil microflora that are vital for sustainable soil health and productivity.


Described as Europe’s premiere event for the specialty fertilizer sector and the entire plant nutrition community, New Ag International is a live and digital hybrid event that is taking place from 9-11 April 2024 at the Estrel Congress Centre in Berlin, Germany. With a program containing over 15 hours of scientific content over three days, including workshops on Biostimulants and the Geopolitics of Agribusiness, this promises to be a valuable event for those looking to delve deeper into plant nutrition solutions.


Ronald Clemens is the Global Product Manager CRF at ICL Specialty Fertilizers. This session, “How Controlled Release Fertilizers Can Support Sustainable Agriculture in the Near Future”, is a fantastic opportunity to benefit from Ronald’s extensive knowledge and experience and explore the full potential of CRFs for more sustainable agriculture.


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