ICL Transforms AgriFood Tech Ecosystem with Planet Startup Hub

Empowering Innovation: ICL Planet Startup Hub - Revolutionizing Agri Food Tech

February 11, 2024
2 mins
Hadar Sutovsky
VP External Innovation at ICL Group

The Need for Agritech Innovation and Next Generation Fertilizers

This is a pivotal decade in the agri-food industry. A confluence of challenging events: population growth, pandemic, climate change, wars, fertilizer shortage has created a sense of urgency about food security in the developed world. These recent events and need have created new enthusiasm for innovative agritech startups and created a massive market for disruptive food tech products and technologies. ICL is transforming the AgriFood Tech startup ecosystem with its innovative Planet Startup Hub.

ICL Planet Startup Hub: Nurturing Food Tech and Agri-Tech Startups

The ICL Planet Startup Hub serves as both an AgriFood tech accelerator and an incubator. This Hub is a special unit within the ICL group, focusing on investing and forming strategic partnerships with innovators and entrepreneurs in the fields of agrifood and agritech. The Hub offers a wide range of support, including investment, mentorship, access to ICL’s extensive resources, and a global network, helping startups to navigate the challenges of the AgriFood sector and achieve rapid market impact.

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Key Areas of Focus

Crop Nutrition & AgTech: ICL Planet’s accelerator program emphasizes next-generation fertilization, organic fertilizers, nutrient use efficiency, biostimulants, micronutrients, and nitrogen fixation. This focus aligns with the goal of creating more sustainable and efficient agricultural practices.

Food Tech Innovations: The program also prioritizes startups working in alternative proteins, natural ingredients, plant-based functional ingredients, and white biotechnology. These innovations are essential for reducing carbon footprint and transitioning to food and beverages that are nutritionally better without raising product costs.

Program Benefits and Support for Startups

Startups that partner with ICL Planet gain access to a wealth of resources, including investment opportunities, pilot programs with ICL, expert mentorship, market entry strategies, beta sites for field trials, and state-of-the-art laboratories and analytical equipment. This comprehensive support structure is designed to accelerate innovation and nurture startups towards global market needs and business growth.

Success Stories:

Lavie Bio Ltd. Collaboration: ICL’s partnership with Lavie Bio Ltd., a subsidiary of Evogene Ltd., exemplifies our commitment to sustainable agriculture. This strategic collaboration, backed by a $10 million investment from ICL, focuses on developing novel bio-stimulant products to enhance fertilizer efficiency, combining Lavie Bio’s advanced ag-biologicals expertise with ICL’s deep understanding of fertilizer application and farming needs.

Agrematch Collaboration: The collaboration with Agrematch to develop AI-driven crop nutrition solutions underscores our emphasis on integrating advanced technologies with practical agricultural needs. This partnership is a testament to our approach in creating sustainable, impactful solutions in the agritech sector.


ICL Planet’s role in transforming agriculture and food technology extends far beyond AI-driven solutions. Its commitment to addressing critical global challenges, developing next-generation fertilizers, and nurturing a new generation of food tech and agri-tech startups demonstrates a broad and impactful approach to innovation in the agrifood sector. ICL Planet is dedicated to creating sustainable and impactful solutions, making it an ideal partner for startups looking to make a significant difference in the world of agriculture and food technology.

How to Get in Touch

If you are ready to elevate your agritech startup, ICL Planet is your ideal partner. We invite you to reach out with your proposals and explore potential collaborations to revolutionize agriculture.