ICL’s Agronomist Insights: Dr. Fabio Vale

Empowering Farmers with Expert Knowledge and Sustainable Practices

June 26, 2024
2 mins
Dr. Fabio Vale
Brazil & LATAM Agronomy Lead

Meet Dr. Fabio Vale, our Brazil & LATAM Agronomy Lead.

Fabio is passionate about helping farmers achieve sustainable crop growth for optimal yields. Farmers frequently seek his expertise in interpreting soil samples, and they keep him busy recommending the right fertilizers and advising on the application of limestone.

Among the products he often discusses are Polysulphate and PotashpluS. He gets regular questions about the solubility and residual grains in the topsoil, and how to effectively use Pekacid in fertigation.

Fabio emphasizes the importance of knowing your soil and using the right fertilizers. He’s passionate about empowering farmers with the knowledge to grow healthier crops and increase yield in a sustainable way!