ICL’s Groundbreaking Initiative Highlights Low Carbon Products

ICL’s launch of an industry-first initiative paves the way for more sustainable agriculture

November 15, 2023
2 mins

A groundbreaking new initiative from ICL makes it easy to see and compare the carbon footprint of ICL’s crop nutrition products. In a move designed to empower agricultural professionals and farmers with clear information, ICL is adding a simple visual indication of our plant nutrition products’ carbon footprint to the product packaging and literature.

Visualizing Product Carbon Footprint

To help quickly grasp the environmental credentials of our crop nutrition products, this simple graphical ‘ruler’ highlights the product’s carbon footprint on a simple scale, showcasing our innovative, low-carbon agricultural solutions.

Independent Certification

For complete transparency and credibility, ICL engaged an independent certification company to undertake the carbon footprint calculations. These calculations encompass every stage of the fertilizer’s production, from source through manufacturing and packaging, ready for delivery. The complex calculations follow the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064 standards for Carbon Footprints and produce a single comparable number for each product.

Low Carbon Resource

We will feature the products with the lowest carbon footprint in the new Low Carbon Footprint Agriculture section on the ICL Growing Solutions website, which will also signpost additional resources that provide in-depth information on strategies for reducing agriculture’s carbon footprint.

As our product analysis continues, we’ll keep adding new products and resources, making it an excellent source of information for anyone interested in farming’s carbon footprint.

Agricultural professionals and farmers seeking sustainable farming solutions should find this an excellent initiative that could help reduce agriculture’s environmental impact while also highlighting ICL’s dedication to sustainable agriculture and its role in combatting climate change.