New Opportunities for ICL PLUS

Sustainability and innovation drive what we do at ICL Growing Solutions.

April 24, 2023
2 mins

We are always looking for ways to improve what we can offer to our customers. For example, we listen to our customers’ needs and review current and future legislation that may necessitate new products or techniques. This year we are also looking outside agriculture to other industries that could benefit from our products.

BIG Brainstorming Opportunities

We recently held the first of four 2023 BIG Brainstorming events. It was full of sessions designed to explore innovative new ideas for ICL PLUS products and technologies, both within and outside agriculture. These discussions involved the agriculture teams and drew on the expertise of our partners in ICL’s Industrial Products division.

ICL Partnerships

With ICL designating ‘Partnership’ as the theme of 2023, combining skills between our different divisions was particularly relevant. The event included more than 40 members of ICL’s R&D, portfolio, operations, agronomy, marketing, manufacturing, business development, and industrial products teams.

New Opportunities for ICL PLUS

The day was full of sessions to explore new opportunities for our ICL PLUS products for agriculture and other industries. The sessions analyzed everything from the creation of new crop nutrition products to ways to improve sustainability and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

So what was the outcome? Well, it is too early to say at the moment. But what we can tell you is that we are now exploring plenty of new opportunities.