Summary of the DLG Field Days 2024

ICL’s demonstration plots caught the attention of visitors to the DLG Field Days, highlighting the advantages of ICL’s Agrocote and Puraloop fertilizers.

June 26, 2024
2 mins
Stephanie Preller
Marketing Communication Manager, Germany

Earlier this month, ICL was privileged to participate in the 2024 DLG Field Days at Erwitte/Paderborn, North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

The DLG Field Days event is one of the premier agricultural events in the region and brought together over 17,000 experts, farmers, and industry leaders from Austria, Switzerland, the Baltic countries, and Poland, all keen to explore the latest advances in sustainable farming practices.

While the weather was changeable, the ICL team described the event as a complete success, in particular the interest in ICL’s Puraloop and Agrocote fertilizers.

Introducing Puraloop

ICL Puraloop® is a new, double-action phosphorus fertilizer created using recycled materials. The process of converting waste material into a high-quality phosphorus fertilizer is impressive enough, but what people were most interested to see was the maize demonstration plot that allowed visitors to see how well Puraloop performs when compared to triple superphosphate.

Demonstrating Agrocote’s efficiency

The second demonstration that gained particular attention was the winter wheat crop fertilized with our Agrocote CRF fertilizer. In the demonstration, visitors could see how Agrocote compared to CAN. In the demonstration, we applied Agrocote at a rate to deliver just 80% and 60% the nitrogen in a typical CAN application, and even at these reduced nitrogen rates, the Agrocote-fertilized wheat was denser, had more tillers per square meter, and looked a much richer and darker green.

We often talk to our customers about the improved efficiency of our controlled-release fertilizers and how they allow growers to reduce the nitrogen application rate while still achieving similar, or higher yields, and the DLG Field Days event gave our many visitors the perfect opportunity to see this for themselves.

Looking ahead

We are excited about the positive feedback from the event and the interest in these innovative products, and we are already looking forward to doing it all again in 2 years’ time at the next DLG event in 2026.