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Agroleaf® Liquid Calcium+ is a liquid foliar fertilizer containing calcium and nitrogen. The product is fortified with unique technologies to boost calcium uptake and prevent nutrient deficiencies in fruit and vegetable crops. Calcium plays a vital role in plant nutrition, improving root development, cell walls development in the plant, and the storage and shelf life of its fruit. The ideal ratio of calcium to nitrogen makes Agroleaf Liquid Calcium+ suitable for foliar application, especially during the latest stages of vegetation, when the plants normally need only low amounts of nitrogen. Agroleaf® Liquid Calcium+ is fortified with three amino acids, proven to enhance calcium absorption. Glycine and glutamic acid are fundamental metabolites that help vegetable tissue form and boost chlorophyll synthesis, while L-arginine increases flower and fruit-related hormone synthesis. Enriched with a non-ionic surfactant with excellent spreading and wetting properties, Calcium+ also improves the speed of calcium uptake and coverage on the leaf surface.

  • Boosts calcium absorption and efficiency while preventing deficiencies

  • Improves plant cell walls formation, extending the shelf life of fruit

  • Combines the most efficient amino acids to enhance calcium uptake

Trail first on a small scale before changing the rate, or any other variables, As circumstances can differ and the application of our products is beyond our control, ICL cannot be held responsible for any adverse results

Avoid mixing products containing calcium with copper and sulfur-based products in the same tank.
Store under dry conditions.
Properly seal partly used or damaged bags.
If you need more information, please contact your technical support.

  • ICL's F3 SurfActive Technology is a surfactant blend enhancing foliar nutrition efficiency, particularly beneficial when root uptake is compromised. This technology ensures improved nutrient spreading, adhesion, and retention on leaves, reducing runoff and maximizing nutrient availability. It can even reactivate under high humidity for sustained nourishment, optimizing foliar feeding in diverse crop conditions.

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