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Three-way-action liquid potassium for continual plant nutrition








Agroleaf® Liquid High K is a high-quality liquid foliar fertilizer that prevents and corrects potassium deficiency. It’s enriched with package of chelated trace elements. Agroleaf® Liquid High K contains the unique F3 SurfActive technology, developed by ICL, which increases the efficiency of each foliar application in three ways, providing better spreading, adhesiveness, and retention. The F3 technology lowers the surface tension of the droplets. Nutrients can then be better spread over the leaves, resulting in a greater covered area and better nutrient uptake. Fewer nutrients will run off or bounce off waxy leaves, giving a better retention of nutrients. And the F3 technology also helps form small nutrient deposits on the leaf surface, which are re-activated after rewetting, preventing evaporation and providing prolonged nutrition for improved foliar application.

  • Corrects and prevents potassium deficiency to reduce stress

  • Enriched with chelated trace elements

  • Better spreading, adhesiveness, and retention

Crop recommendationDosage liter/haWater volume liter/haConc (%)Timing
Fruiting vegetables, General5-10300-6001.7Fruit set-harvest 4-5 times
Salads, cabbages3-5300-6001After head formation 2-3 times
Onion, Garlic3-6300-6001At bulb enlargement 1-2 times
Soft fruits, Orchards, Vineyards5-10600-10000.8-1Fruit set - 2 weeks before harvest 4-5 times
Potato3-6250-3001.2-2Tuber growth 2-3 times
Sunflower3-6200-3001.5-2Beginning of flowering
Oil seed rape3-6200-3001.5-2Beginning of flowering
Ornamentals2-3600-10000.3Before and after flowering 1-2 times
Crop recommendation
Dosage liter/ha
Water volume liter/ha
Conc (%)

* Use lower dosages in lower volume of water/ha and higher dosages when the water volume is increased. Trail first on a small scale before changing the rate, or any other variables, As circumstances can differ and the application of our products is beyond our control, ICL cannot be held responsible for any adverse results.

If you need more information, please contact your technical support.

  • ICL's F3 SurfActive Technology is a surfactant blend enhancing foliar nutrition efficiency, particularly beneficial when root uptake is compromised. This technology ensures improved nutrient spreading, adhesion, and retention on leaves, reducing runoff and maximizing nutrient availability. It can even reactivate under high humidity for sustained nourishment, optimizing foliar feeding in diverse crop conditions.

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