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Agroleaf® Power Calcium is your go-to water-soluble foliar feed to prevent and correct calcium deficiency due to excess evaporation. It’s also great for keeping calcium-hungry crops such as lettuce, cabbage and fruits topped up with the nutrient, especially during fruit/vegetable developing stages. Power Calcium strengthens cell walls and contains a high amount of potassium, which increases fruit size. Offering a superb foliar uptake, it prolongs the availability of microelements and prevents fruits from bursting, extending their shelf life. Made from the purest raw materials, Power Calcium dissolves rapidly and can deliver results in as little as 24 hours.

  • Prevents and corrects calcium deficiencies

  • Increases fruit size

  • Prevents fruit from bursting and extends shelf life

Dissolve 3-5 kg in 200-1000 liters of water per hectare for outdoor applications. A 0.3% solution is recommended for greenhouse application.

Trail first on a small scale before changing the rate, or any other variables, As circumstances can differ and the application of our products is beyond our control, ICL cannot be held responsible for any adverse results.

Apply under high pressure.
Can be mixed with many fungicides/insecticides. Ask your distributor for information.
For all mixes with chemicals, do a small trial before using on a large scale. Check response in 2 or 3 days.
Avoid spraying in periods of unfavorable conditions (for example bright sunlight, high midday temperatures, and high evaporation periods).
If you need more information, please contact your technical support.





  • M-77 Technology by ICL is a proprietary blend tailored for water-soluble fertilizers, aiming to optimize nutrient delivery, absorption, and efficacy in plants. It includes compounds that extend chelate effectiveness, vitamins for enhanced tissue metabolism, elements promoting nutrient use, and stress-reducing agents to strengthen plant resilience. M-77 Technology strives to foster healthier and more productive crops.

  • DPI Technology from ICL acts as a natural stimulant enhancing photosynthesis, elevating chlorophyll levels, leaf size, and weight. This boost in plant growth and nutrient uptake, especially for nitrogen and phosphate, is supported by independent studies indicating notable efficiency gains over other fertilizers.

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