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Bioz Moonstone is a biostimulants designed to help plants rapidly recover their physiological activity following periods of stress which can lead to a loss of energy. ICL Moonstone helps crops maintain their growth and productivity following periods of stress, improving crop productivity.
Moonstone is recommended for recovery from situations of climate stress or pests.

  • Increases plants' metabolism

  • Increases the speed of absorption and translocation of nutrients inside the plant.

  • Fast recovery after drought.

  • Reduces the phytotoxicity of agricultural pesticides.

  • Increases flowers and fruits retention.

CropDose (L/ha)Application time
Cotton1.0-2.0Apply once after flowering.
Sugarcane1.0-2.0Apply at beginning of dry season and during times of intense vegetative growth.
Rice, maize and wheat1.0-2.0Apply twice: at the beginning of tillering and repeat at the beginning of floral primordia.
Potato1.0Apply 3 times. Start during the vegetative phase and repeat during tuberization and tuber filling.
Coffee1.5Apply 3 times. Start at the fruiting stage and repeat at grain formation and maturation.
Onion1.0-2.0Apply 2 times. Start 30 days after transplanting, and repeat after bulbing.
Citrus1.0-2.0Apply twice. Start during the flowering phase and repeat during fruit filling phase.
Soybeans, beans, and peanuts1.0-2.0Apply twice. Start at V4 and reapply at grain filling.
Tomato and other vegetables1.0-2.0Apply 3 to 5 times. Start 20 days after transplanting, and repeat at 15-day intervals.
After phytotoxicity and adverse situations1.5-2.0Apply soon after the onset of phytotoxicity symptoms.
Dose (L/ha)
Application time

For other crops please contact your technical support.

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