Nitrogen. Energy. Productivity. It’s all about BIOZ Nephrite.

Nephrite is a technology to boost nitrogen metabolism throughout the crop cycle. Nitrogen is one of the most required nutrients by crops and is demanded throughout the whole crop cycle. We took a long period of studies, more than 6 years, to identify the factors that interfere in this process. From that we developed a new technology to enhance biological nitrogen fixation in legumes and nitrogen metabolism in other crops.

Nephrite is developed to stimulate and maintain biological nitrogen fixation throughout the crop cycle, improving fixation efficiency to deliver more energy for the plants. By increasing the rate that nitrogen is transformed into proteins, crops generate heavier grains boosting productivity in the field.

Nephrite has six modes of action:

– Nephrite stimulates the synthesis of auxins in the aerial part of the plants, which are then sent to the root system
– In the root system, the auxins stimulate the synthesis of cytokinins
– Increases the efficiency of biological nitrogen fixation by reducing energy expenditure
– Between 30 and 60% of the energy supplied to nitrogenase can be lost as H2
– Nephrite activates the hydrogenase enzyme, which will recycle the hydrogen gas releasing energy for the process
– Savings of 11% to 25% of carbon, which can now be used by the plant to grow leaves, pods, and grains.

Nephrite acts to reduce ethylene biosynthesis, keeping the nodules alive longer preventing their premature death.

In addition to the hormonal promoters, Nephrite provides essential nutrients for the biological fixation process, ensuring its operation until the end of the cycle.

  • Provides the continuous formation of young, strong nodules, through the modulation of the plant's hormonal balance.

  • Makes nitrogen fixation much more efficient, providing more energy for the plant to grow.

  • Quick transformation of the nitrogen provided by the nodules into proteins and heavier grains.

  • Maintains the supply of energy to the nodules.

  • Reduces the formation of ethylene in the plant, avoiding premature death of the nodules.

  • Provides essential elements to keep the nodules physiologically active.

CropDose (g/ha)Application methodApplication time
Rice and wheat500FoliarApply at start of tillering
Beans300FolairApply in the vegetative phase from V4 (3rd unrolled trifoliate leaf).
Maize500FoliarApply between stages V4-V6 (4th to 6th expanded leaf).
Soybeans300FoliarApply between stages V3-V5 (3rd to 5th unrolled trifoliate leaf).
Dose (g/ha)
Application method
Application time

For other crops please contact your technical support.

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Prepare your seeds for high productivity


Prepare your seeds for high productivity

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