Nova CalPhos 0-57-17 (+7CaO)

Nova CalPhos: Premium soluble calcium, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer

Nova CalPhos is a new and unique ICL product from the Nova family, produced at ICL’s Rotem site in Israel. Containing calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. Nova specialty fertilizers are of unrivaled quality with high solubility and are specifically designed for fertigation and foliar application. ICL Nova fertilizers can be mixed with other straight fertilizer products or compound water-soluble fertigation fertilizers. Nova fertilizers are pure and clean and are excellent for the safe production of vegetables and other crops. This new Nova CalPhos formulation from ICL is ideal when growth conditions require a P, K, and Ca nutrient combination, making it easy to deliver the nutrients needed to achieve optimum crop yields.

  • Dependable quality and results

  • Made with clean, low-impurity materials

  • ICL’s tight control of ingredients and manufacturing ensures consistent high quality

  • Nova CalPhos 0-57-17+7CaO is a nitrogen-free, fully soluble, free-flowing crystalline calcium fertigation fertilizer

  • A unique high calcium content product that is high in phosphorus and potassium and yet is still acidic

  • Is chloride-free and low sodium with a very high solubility level of 630 g/L of water (at 20°C)

  • Nova CalPhos has a very low salt index and is very safe for foliar applications or drip irrigation without the risk of causing phytotoxicity or leaf burn

  • Environmental sustainability

  • Maximum solubility 63 kg/100 L water (20°C)

  • EC value 0.993 mS/cm (at 1 g/L)

  • pH (1%) 2.6

  • HCO3 reduction (1 g/L) 54.29 ppm

  • Packaging 25 kg, 50 Ibs, Big bag

  • Item code 8-106-01-004

Foliar applicationFertigation
Spray at 0.25%-1% solutionApply 15-30 kg/ha/week
Foliar application

Nova CalPhos is recommended to correct calcium deficiencies in irrigation water and is ideal for applying phosphorus and potassium, particularly during the plant development and ripening stages

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