PK 30-30+TE

NPK suspension fertilizer with micronutrients

AGRIMOBI is a new generation of fertilizer from ICL consisting of a highly concentrated suspension of NPK+TE. The suspension consists of a uniformly dispersed mixture of nutrients that are in a liquid phase, ideal for foliar fertilization and use in irrigation systems. Compared to powdered and granular products, mixing the AGRIMOBI suspension requires less energy, ensuring quick, easy, and efficient preparation of the fertilizer solution. Using the cleanest raw materials on the market, ICL has produced a product that is trouble-free during mixing and application.

  • Easy to handle liquid suspension

  • No dust

  • More concentrated than liquid formulations

  • Easier to dilute than solid formulations

  • Environmentally sustainable

  • Dependable

  • High PK formula with microelements

  • Made with clean, low impurity ingredients

  • Low in chloride

  • ICL’s tight control of ingredients and manufacturing ensures consistent high quality

  • Packaging: 10 L containers (jugs) Shake before use

  • Low in chloride: <0.3% Cl

  • pH (1%): 6.6

  • pH (10%): 6.6

  • EC value: 0.55 mS/cm (at 1g/L)

  • Density: 1.75-1.76 g/cc

When used for foliar fertilization, AGRIMOBI PK 30-30+TE optimizes nutrient absorption in leaves and penetration into the cuticle.
We recommend application of AGRIMOBI PK 30-30+TE before the flowering and ripening stage.

250-350 ml/100 liter of water

AGRIMOBI PK30-30+TE is also suitable for preparing drip irrigation stock solutions, diluted with water at a concentration of 20%-30%.