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Drip irrigation is a useful practice to enhance water and nutrient use efficiency. The use of drip irrigation significantly reduces nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions compared to furrow and sprinkler irrigation systems. The ICL Solinure range of water-soluble fertilizers has been developed with three objectives: The availability of all nutrients in the correct proportions The convenience of solving water quality problems with one product Environmental sustainability Solinure FX is our line of great value products developed for open field application. These products contain chloride and urea, and are acidifying which keeps drip lines clean.

  • Dependability

  • Smart designs: a complete range with the right analyses for every need

  • Clean materials: made with low impurity ingredients

  • Value for money: the FX line delivers all the necessary components without extra cost

  • High P formula

  • Contains magnesium: prevents magnesium deficiencies in crops

  • With microelements: contains molybdenum, boron, and chelated microelements

  • ICL quality: tight control of ingredients, manufacturing, and consistency

  • Maximum solubility 43 kg/100 L water (25°C)

  • EC value 1.17 mS/cm (at 1 g/L)

  • HCO3 reduction 10.17 mg/l

  • pH (1%) 3.63

  • FX solution color colorless

  • Packaging 25 kg bag (PE)

Solinure FX 10-40-10+2MgO+TE is especially recommended for the starter phase.

Apply 2.5-5 kg/1000 m2 per week. Contact ICL or your professional advisor for specific advice or recommendations.

Use Solinure® FX 10-40-10+2MgO+TE for the growing and ripening stages of fruit.
Store under dry conditions.
Make sure you properly seal partly used or damaged bags.
For specific advice and recommendations, contact ICL or your professional advisor.

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