Ultra-Low Volume Fertilizer for drone 0-44-36+0.5B+0.2Mn+0.2Zn

New heights for plant nutrition

Drone is rapidly growing technology at agriculture. It is smart farming tool that allows the farmer to be most efficient, economical and with direct positive impact on environmental protection. ICL identified ahead of time the need to design a product
that would be suitable for low volume and high concentration application. FertiBuzz is special design formula by ICL for ultra- low volume foliar application by drone. FertiBuzz highly concentrate new P&K fertilizers, fully soluble, lowest salt index and safe for foliar application up to 20% concentration in the end solution

  • Fully soluble formula

  • Lowest salt index

  • pH at 20% solution 5.9

  • Highly concentrated P&K formula

  • Maximum solubility: 350 gr/L H2O

  • Ec (mS/cm): 20%-65; 0.1%-0.81

  • pH: 20%-5.7; 10%- 5.9; 1%-6.1

Specific usage: Foliar Application

Direction for use: Dissolve in water

Application rates: Up to 20%

By drone

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