Precision nutrition with ICL foliar fertilizers


ICL’s Agroleaf is a comprehensive portfolio of foliar nutrition products developed for open-field, horticultural, and fruit crops. Enhanced with unique patented technologies, Agroleaf foliar fertilizers boost crop performance and productivity, nurturing crops with everything they need to flourish.

What is foliar nutrition?

Foliar fertilization is a flexible and highly effective form of crop nutrition, where plant nutrition products are applied to the leaves of plants for efficient and rapid uptake and utilization. ICL’s research and development team has developed some of the world’s most innovative and effective foliar nutrition solutions. Among the latest generation are products designed for both curative and preventive applications.

Foliar application is particularly effective when the plant’s root system is not functioning normally or when environmental conditions impact the nutrient supply from the soil. For example, foliar application is ideal when the absorption capacity of the roots is compromised by factors such as low temperatures, a high pH, drought, competition from weeds, or as a result of nematode infestations. Foliar application is also perfect as a preventative tool to avoid or manage plant-stress situations.

Choose Agroleaf foliar nutrition to ensure success

The Agroleaf line of foliar fertilizers includes specific formulations developed to support the different plant growth phases of crops. These products may contain a combination of nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and micronutrients such as iron, zinc, manganese, copper, boron, and molybdenum.

In addition, ICL uses patented technologies such as M-77, DPI (Dual Power Impact) and F3 SurfActive, to improve the effectiveness of the foliar applications by boosting photosynthesis, improving the metabolic activity of the plants, enhancing plant’s resistance to abiotic stresses, and improving the spreading and adhesiveness of the nutrient application.

The specific benefits may vary based on crop, environmental conditions, and application practices, and we always advise the product instructions are followed. Consult an ICL agronomist for assistance selecting and using the correct product for your needs.


  • Targeted nutrition with a balanced combination of essential nutrients
  • Complete and rapid absorption of nutrients
  • Made with pure, high-quality raw materials


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Agroleaf® Power is a range of high-quality foliar fertilizers. These fertilizers stand out from common foliar fertilizers for their high purity combined with rapid absorption, guaranteed by DPI (Double Power Impact) and M-77 technologies, ICL’s exclusive package of chelated elements and substances that improve the physiology of the plant. The DPI and M-77 technologies ensure improved assimilation of nutrients to increase the effectiveness of Agroleaf Power fertilizers.


Agroleaf® Liquid is a range of liquid foliar fertilizers with high nutritional efficiency that are specifically developed for open-field, horticultural, and fruit crops. All formulations benefit from ICL’s F3 SurfActive technology, which ensures better application, adhesion, and product retention.

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