Effective and flexible precision nutrition


Agrolution® Special and Agrolution® pHLow are top-of-the-range ICL water-soluble fertilizers designed for fertigation in agriculture.

What is fertigation?

Fertigation is the technique of mixing water-soluble fertilizers with irrigation water to increase crop productivity. Fertigation is a very effective and flexible fertilization method that delivers precise control over the placement and timing of nutrient application. This ensures precision nutrition, which can be adapted to the soil fertility and the crops’ development stage.

A versatile range for every need

The Agrolution® range uses tightly controlled, high-quality raw materials to ensure all the nutritional elements are immediately soluble and easily assimilable, fulfilling the dual function of solving problems related to the irrigation water quality while providing calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

ICL has created Agrolution® pHLow for hard or very hard water and Agrolution® Special for soft water or crops with significant calcium requirements.

The different formulations have been designed to supply calcium to the crop both directly (Agrolution® Special includes formulations up to 14% CaO) and indirectly (Agrolution® pHLow formulations have the power to break down bicarbonates in hard irrigation water to make the calcium present available at up to 123 mg per gram of fertilizer).

The purity and specificity of the raw materials used are of particular importance for greenhouse crops that are increasingly subject to salinity problems. Importantly, the Agrolution® range does not contain sodium or chlorine and has a nitric nitrogen and chelated microelement content that is ideal for these types of crops.


  • Complete NPK fertilizers, enriched with meso and microelements to support the crop throughout its growth
  • Maximum solubility thanks to the acidifying action, which prevents the formation of precipitates that can clog hoses and drip lines
  • Keeps irrigation systems clean thanks to ICL’s exclusive PeKacid® technology
  • High purity raw materials
  • Contains no Na or Cl


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Agrolution® Special improves the availability of nutrients thanks to its formulations that prevent magnesium and calcium deficiencies.


Agrolution® pHLow is perfect for those who need to manage high pH levels and alkalinity in their irrigation water or soil.


For further information on Agrolution pHLow and Agrolution Special, visit their dedicated pages on our website.

  • Nutrients are applied with the irrigation water in the right proportions according to the plant’s growth stage, preventing potential nutrient deficiencies.
  • Fertigation allows uniform distribution over the entire cultivated area.
  • The quality of the irrigation water can be improved by adjusting carbonates, pH, etc., with water-soluble fertilizers for fertigation.
  • The application of nutritional elements with irrigation water allows growers to react quickly to environmental changes that could alter the nutritional needs of crops.
  • Fertigation is an ideal response to the needs of sustainable and precision agriculture.

These three fundamental parameters must be taken into consideration when establishing an optimal fertigation plan:


1. Soil: Soil analysis helps determine the level of nutrients required and identifies which elements need to be added or reduced. Measuring the pH of the soil enables growers to identify which nutrients are actually available at the various levels of the plant, from leaves to roots, and to define which plant nutrition products to use.


2. Water: water analysis allows growers to determine the levels of common nutrients such as Ca, Mg, and Cl in the irrigation water. In the case of high pH, fertilizers with acidifying power can be chosen.


3. Plants’ needs: Knowing the plants’ nutritional needs throughout their growth cycle allows growers to create accurate fertilization plans to ensure optimal growth.

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