Add up the benefits with PLUS

Treat your crops to the perfect all-round nutrient hit with ICL’s premium PLUS fertilizer range. Our PLUS fertilizers are based on Polysulphate formulations and include a wide variety of products to suit the individual nutritional needs of all crops and soil types. Unlike traditional nitrogen-rich fertilizers, these sulfur-based products enable you to reduce harmful ammonia emissions, groundwater pollution, and soil acidification. Containing Polysulphate, the world’s only natural 4-in-1 fertilizer and a product with an unusually low carbon footprint, the ICL PLUS fertilizers are exceptionally environmentally sustainable.

These Polysulphate-based products provide a prolonged nutrient release, aligning with your plants’ nutritional needs in real-time throughout their growth. This sustained release reduces the risk of sulfate leaching and, combined with the natural nutrient mix, promotes root development to provide superior, high-quality yields. This gives you increased crop profitability and excellent value for money. Everything adds up with ICL PLUS.


  • Includes the PLUS of Polysulphate: the world’s only natural 4-in-1 fertilizer
  • Excellent multi-nutrient fertilizers, for balanced and efficient fertilization
  • Deliver extended, season-long nutrient availability
  • Produce higher yields, exceptional plant quality, plus bigger profits
  • Products made with natural, low carbon footprint Polysulphate
  • Improve nutrient use efficiency
  • Reduce nutrient losses to the environment
  • Enhance root development to improve crop establishment
  • Ideal for all crops and soil conditions


Product name
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Granular Polysulphate

Granular: Polysulphate® granules for direct application with spreaders and bulk blending.

Standard Polysulphate

Standard: Polysulphate® fine grade has NPK granulation and is designed for direct manual application.


Mini: The granules are 1-2mm in size, which helps the practical application of Polysulphate®, especially in greenhouses and horticultural settings. It’s easy to apply directly via manual or mechanical spreading, while you can mix it with other fertilizers of a similar size.


Premium: Polysulphate® Premium consists of uniform, robust spheres of Polysulphate®, whose smooth surfaces protects it from abrasion, humidity, and damage. Its spherical shape ensures a steady flow rate and a consistently broad spread during application. It blends with other granulated fertilizer materials.

ICL PKpluS – Balanced

ICL PKpluS Balanced P and K is for soils low in potassium and phosphorus and delivers a balanced and efficient nutrient supply.

ICL PKpluS – High K

ICL PKpluS High K is designed for low-potassium soils and boosts the quality of your crops.

ICL PKpluS – High P

ICL PKpluS High P is for soils with low levels of phosphorus and is ideal for plant establishment.


NPKpluS® is a premium granulated fertilizer packing six nutrients in one. A single application delivers nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, magnesium, and calcium to your crops. The fully soluble nutrients are released gently over an extended period of ‎time, reducing the risk of leaching and overdosing. Enriched with Polysulphate®, this versatile product is suitable for all kinds of crops and soil types, providing the most complete and efficient fertilization for the most demanding crops. Apply directly or bulk-blend with nitrogen fertilizers – the choice is yours.


Maximum effectiveness, versatility, and efficiency – you can have it all with Sofipoly. This crop nutrition solution containing Polysulphate® is also packed with potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, and trace amounts of boron. As a natural polyhalite fertilizer, Sofipoly is suitable for a wide range of crops and soil types, so you get the versatility you need within your overall crop nutrition plan. The multi-nutrient synergy combined with the quick and prolonged release enhances crop photosynthesis, which is sure to give you excellent crop yield and quality. The product extends the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables, while also improving their look and taste. Sofipoly is highly stable, so it can be mixed with organic, compound, or other fertilizers. It’s ideal for chloride-sensitive crops with lower salinity than the alternatives, meaning less risk of soil salinization. What’s more, it boosts drought tolerance and disease resistance, reducing the risk of lodging too.


Megapoly is a highly effective potash fertilizer, rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur. The powerful combination of quick-release and prolonged-release nutrients to meet your crops’ needs.

ICL PotashpluS

ICL PotashpluS™ is a granular fertilizer made with Polysulphate and potassium chloride. It provides crops with vital potassium, sulfur, magnesium, and calcium in a single application. ICL PotashpluS provides 37% potassium oxide, consisting of 30% potassium chloride and 7% as potassium sulfate. The sulfur, magnesium, and calcium in PotashpluS are all in 100% sulfate (SO4) form. With ICL PotashpluS, there is no need to choose between chloride or sulfate forms of potassium fertilizer: 20% of the potassium is in sulfate form, which reduces the chloride input by 50% compared with KCl.