Always look for the PLUS

Treat your crops to the perfect all-round nutrient hit with ICL’s premium PLUS fertilizer range. Our PLUS fertilizers are based on Polysulphate formulations and include a wide variety of products to suit the individual nutritional needs of all crops and soil types. Unlike traditional nitrogen-rich fertilizers, these sulfur-based products enable you to reduce harmful ammonia emissions, groundwater pollution, and soil acidification. Containing Polysulphate, the world’s only natural 4-in-1 fertilizer and a product with an unusually low carbon footprint, the ICL PLUS fertilizers are exceptionally environmentally sustainable.

These Polysulphate-based products provide a prolonged nutrient release, aligning with your plants’ nutritional needs in real-time throughout their growth. This sustained release reduces the risk of sulfate leaching and, combined with the natural nutrient mix, promotes root development to provide superior, high-quality yields. This gives you increased crop profitability and excellent value for money. Everything adds up with ICL PLUS.


  • Includes the PLUS of Polysulphate: the world’s only natural 4-in-1 fertilizer
  • Excellent multi-nutrient fertilizers, for balanced and efficient fertilization
  • Deliver extended, season-long nutrient availability
  • Produce higher yields, exceptional plant quality, plus bigger profits
  • Products made with natural, low carbon footprint Polysulphate
  • Improve nutrient use efficiency
  • Reduce nutrient losses to the environment
  • Enhance root development to improve crop establishment
  • Ideal for all crops and soil conditions


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