Precision nutrition with water-soluble NPK fertilizers

Effectiveness and reliability with the ICL brand

Solinure® is a range of effective and reliable water-soluble fertilizers developed to satisfy nutritional needs in different cultivation areas, helping to contain fertilization costs. Here too, ICL guarantees the quality of the raw materials and the control of the production process.

Solinure® GT is a product line specifically designed for cultivation in tunnels and greenhouses. They have a balanced ratio of nitric, ammoniacal, and ureic nitrogen, contain magnesium, and contain a package of chelated microelements. They contain neither chlorine nor sodium and have a very high solubility. They ensure complete nutrition for crops.

Solinure® FX is a product line specifically designed for open-field crops. Thanks to the presence of PeKacid® technology, Solinure® FX has an acid reaction that improves the solubility and efficiency of the fertilizer and helps to keep the drippers clean. The presence of urea nitrogen allows the dissolution of the fertilizer to be speeded up. Solinure® FX, thanks to the absence of microelements and the specific percentage of potassium chloride among the potassium fertilizers that compose it, allows you to optimize and contain the costs of fertigation without losing effectiveness.

Fertigation, a technique that mixes water-soluble fertilizers with irrigation water to enhance crop productivity, is a cornerstone of precision agriculture. This method provides unparalleled control over the application of nutrients, allowing for precise adjustments tailored to the soil’s fertility and the crop’s developmental stage. The effectiveness and flexibility of fertigation are further amplified with products like Solinure® by ICL.


  • Quality guarantee of raw materials and production processes
  • Products suitable for every need
  • Two ranges designed for specific positioning to make fertigation simple and effective
  • The Solinure® FX range benefits from PeKacid® technology
  • The Solinure® GT range contains microelements for complete plant nutrition


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Solinure® GT is the ideal line for greenhouse and tunnel cultivation. They are produced without chlorine and generally contain a low level of urea. The products in the range are available in different titrations; some also contain magnesium to meet specific nutritional needs of crops.


Solinure® FX is an innovative fertilizer line specifically designed for open field applications. The products of the Solinure FX line do not contain microelements, allowing you to customize the fertilization plan by adding only the necessary microelements, such as Micromax or Agrolution Liquid.


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In order to establish an optimal fertigation plan, these three fundamental parameters must be taken into consideration:


1. Soil: Soil analysis helps determine the level of nutrients needed and know which elements need to be added or reduced. Measuring the pH of the soil allows you to identify which nutrients are actually available at the various levels of the plant, from leaves to roots, and to define which products to use.


2. Water: water analysis allows you to define the levels of common nutrients such as Ca, Mg and CI. In case of high pH, ​​it is necessary to choose fertilizers with acidifying power.


3. Plant needs: Knowing what the plants’ needs are during their growing cycle allows you to create an accurate fertilization plan to ensure optimal growth.

  • Anticipate the nutritional needs of the plant;
  • Calculate the amount of nutrients that the plant acquires through soil, water and fertilization;
  • Knowing the water needs of the plant requires every day;
  • Calculate the right amount of water-soluble fertilizer that the plant needs at each stage of its life cycle (kg/ha/day).
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